Catering for Weddings

This is one of the most important events in your life, the day of your marriage

Your wedding wouldn't be perfect without the finest food. Pampa catering is your versatile and professional chef, forming an elegant and exquisite experience for all the guests to remember. Your wedding feast is personalized to your exact taste and preferences. We operate various fusion kitchens of worldwide influences,  our ingredients are all handmade, fresh and organic. From our organic farm, we collect and clean all of our vegetables, spices, roots and herbs - freshness is the key element in our food.

Fusion Kitchen Fresh ingredients in Pampa Catering


Our main expertise:

  • Asado - Traditional Gaucho, Argentinian meat roasting. 'Pampas' is the Jewish gaucho who lived in Argentina, as a real cowboy leading herds of cattle and later in life, making the best Asado in Israel. Judy is operating all the necessary equipment and roasting of the meat, in the good methods of old 'Pampas' the Gaucho.
  • Finger food - Fused dishes of various kitchen origins - Balkan, Cuban, Mexican, Tanzanian, French, Italian, Polish, Israeli, Mediterranean, Greek, North African, Zanzibar, Egyptian, Spanish, Portuguese, Moroccan, Japanese, Bukhara, Indonesian and Thai.
  • Any location - We operate at any given location. accommodating our service to your specific preferences. We provide a team of waiters at any level of service, and will answer to your any need. We can locate the activity in your house, a wedding hall, a public place, nature, a club, on a yacht and at ancient archaeological sites in Israel.

With our beautiful dish presentations, we will construct a most thrilling and flavorful touch at your wedding feast.

The personal attention that Pampa Catering offers is the detailed planning of the catering. Your special day will be culinary mastered by our professional employees. Excite your guests on the day of your wedding.

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