VIP Tailor made catering

VIP and Tailor made catering services are our specialty. We're most professional and compliant, providing a full cuisine and grill, grill ovens, professional crew of waiters, cooks, chefs and grillers. Pampa catering has been professionally creating culinary events for over 20 years. Our Asado grill is very famous in Israel and we specialize in the traditional Argentinian cuisine.

With our very large menu to decide from, you can easily make your dream feast. Making your event a luxurious and a curious culinary experience is our number one goal. We are committed to the highest service and most quality food for your full satisfaction.

Get sophisticated food for your guests, something special to talk about in your event and an inspiring culinary experience. To rise up the atmosphere, we're offering a full bar with a bar tender, great fresh and healthy meat, grilled the perfect way, astonishing desserts and a large variety of refreshments and side dishes.

Our line of waiters will cater refreshments and side dishes to your guests and set up the food stalls for each of the main courses. We will accommodate your every need and requirement. We're operating the cuisine in all locations, at your home, a club, Lounge, Saloon or hall and also in nature. Everything will be taken care of, you only need to visit us In Rishpon, taste our dishes and build your dream menu for your event.

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