Asado, Barbecue and grills

Grilling and roasting in the traditional style

You'll probably feel like in Argentina with our traditional Gaucho Asado Grill. Our food is strictly kosher and made of a most quality and fresh meat from Israel, South America, Australia or Europe.

Pampa is an elder Gaucho, who came to Israel forty years ago from Argentina. He brought his own experience and expertise of roasting meat in the traditional Gaucho way. In Israel he taught many chefs his tradition of meat grill and with Judi Liron founded the Pampa Catering company. Today our service is a top notch traditional Asado catering and very well experienced in the produce of the culinary experience in events.

Asado Grill – We construct a very large barbecue grill for a large number of dinning guests. The meat is hung from a metal rod over the fire and on a metal net above the burning coals. Different meat goes into large grill and smoking ovens.

Chicken – We prepare chicken stakes, barbecued skewered chicken meat and chicken salads. The chicken is grilled for 25 minutes over the burning coals.

Sheep – Grilled lamb ribs, good chunks of sheep meat over the burning coals or on metal rods. Some stakes are grilled in an oven grill and smoked, giving the meat a special flavor. Some meat is grilled for 2 – 3 hours; hanged meat is grilled for 3 – 4 hours.

Beef – We use top bred beef meat. Angus meat, Buffalo meat and other quality breeds. Grilling large parts of beef meat. Hanged or on net. Some meat is grilled in the over grill, adding it a special flavor. Grilling takes about 1 – 5 hours.

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